This is my NEW endeavor. It's a wiki-based site documenting what exactly is after the credits of movies, games, tv, etc. Google of course. The best serch engine in the world! SETI@Home is a Distributed Computing site where you can volunteer your computer in the search for E.T. United Devices is another Distributed Computing program but for medical research. Boinc basically allows you to run Distributed Computing projects in one application. Instead of using multiple apps, use just one.
This is a friend of mine's web site. He's a HUGE gamer. Check out his collection pics and his forum! A website run out of Japan that sells video games and accessories for great prices. The shipping takes longer than normal. It is comming from Japan and there is customs to deal with. But it's worth the wait for the lower prices on most of their items.

The Atlantic Paranormal Society. Otherwise known as T.A.P.S. They are paranormal investigators. Some may call them "Ghostbusters" or "Crazy". But if you've never seen their show GhostHunters on the SciFi channel, you have no room to judge. A great site that has tons of great deal information. But be warned, your wallet WILL be lighter after visiting!

I just watched this movie called "Who killed the electric car?" on Showtime today and I have to say, its very eye opening. To think of all the factors that have essentially killed this car is unbelievable! It's mostly about the General Motors EV1, but it encompasses everything green car wise. I found this site from visiting the "Who killed the electric car?" site. Seems to be a good source for electric vehicle info.

Save a an organ donor. The BEST news source on the net! Well, not really, but you can't beat the laughs this site will give you.

One of those deal of the day web sites. Don't really check out the other sites like this, so my opinion is a little biased I guess.
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